Monday, April 28, 2003

eParty - Lets Build a Web Based Political Lobby

at the recent O'Reilly conference i connected with peter kaminsky, ross mayfield, mark graham and joe kraus on this concept and volunteered to start getting the ideas down so we can all brainstorm at least virtually on it. i welcome input from anyone who shares an interest.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

i recently attended a meeting for the NDN - new democratic network (). while i applaud their interest in 'modernizing' the Democratic party platform and bringing in new voices, i have to say that their approach sounded like the same old political machine just trying to incorporate a few more lucky souls. i pleaded with simon rosenberg, founder and president, to consider building a real 'network' which would enable and encourage a 'bubble up' approach to their platform which would incorporate many more voices in an open way by design.

i envision an Ebay for politics in which anyone can create their own soap box around a particular issue, connect with others, and even direct and fund the efforts of a dedicated lobbying organization. so we could all decide we want to see 'real gun control' - that is no hand guns period. we team up and each give $100. we also email all our friends with a link for them to contribute. lets say 100,000 people respond to our call and we raise $10m. this money goes to our general purpose lobbyists who work through the same corrupt, money driven system that the special interest groups leverage today. i think of this as a lobby for the people.

does anybody else agree with me on this concept? email me -

posted by mark | 2:28 PM

i'm interested in the potential for people to use blogs to connect on issues, especially political. it would be cool if we could all 'register' our views on key issues and then remain connected to each other - ad hoc groups; so that we can immediately organize and act. the best example of this happening was, which managed to get 500,000 registered members in a month and $13m in pledges (though i'm sure a lot of that money never showed up). moveon hit a strong issue vein - people's frustration over congress's relentless focus on the lewinksi scandal at the cost of doing anything else.

i have often wondered why there has never been a web based platform that would enable other moveon's to happen ad hoc. there is some minimal functionality that would be really helpful, some similar to blogging. the most important piece would be the ability of anyone to set up a site and email a call to action that could be forwarded around the net.

posted by mark | 10:37 AM