Thursday, October 07, 2004

First Thoughts on eParty Platform

the eparty should have a basic platform at the outset. i believe it should be socially progressive and economically conservative which would have the broadest appeal to mainstream urban professionals. following are my thoughts and i welcome input...

* Deocratizing Democracy - opening up the political process to enable more voices and choices. this could include getting rid of the electoral college and furthering campaign finance disclosure and reform.
* Protecting Environment
* Tax Neutral - dont raise 'em.
* Legalize Marajuana - why is this one always so controversial and what's wrong with a little anyway (controversy or pot)?
* Healthcare for All
* More Open Borders - how do you think we got here?
* Pro Education
* Pro Choice
* Real Gun Control
- no handguns. not ever.
* Pro Business - especially small business. they do create most of the new jobs.
* Pro Free Speech - this one seems obvious but lets stop the attack on howard stern.
* Abolish Federal Sentencing Guidelines - i have been told that 80% of inmates in CA are jailed for non-violent and usually drug related offenses; and that the average sentence for selling drugs (12 yrs) is higher than armed robbery (6 yrs) and rape (2 yrs). course, the moral is if you're arrested for drugs, pull a gun and try to rape someone so you can plea bargain down to 6 or 2 yrs.
* Books Not Bars - we should never spend more on putting someone in prison for a year than educating them.

here's more on my thoughts on platforms and being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.


Blogger Kid Croesus said...

First of all, I would seriously recommend Canada. Sounds like a perfect fit. And Vancouver reportedly has good pot. But lets be clear -- I think you are really not a libertarian, you are pretty much a liberal. You don't get all of these nice things without a serious tax hike, or a seriously weakened military.

Healthcare for all but don't raise taxes, and be pro-business. How is healthcare for all economically conservative? Seems to me it would cost a LOT.

Protecting the environment sounds great, but exploiting your natural resources is partly how you drive the economy, sometimes at the cost of the environment.

Don't you see some of the obvious internal contradictions here? Government is about trade-offs. I recommend you play some Civilization IV for a while. It is all about trade-offs and decisions....lets make some here.

Want to have fewer criminals in jail? Ok -- that sounds more fair, especially for victimless crimes. But know that crime will go up. Because those non-violent and drug-related offense are still crimes, and you won't like it when its your house broken into. I lived in New York in the 70's and 80's and it sucked. But it was probably a more fair and open society.

Banning handguns -- That sounds like a good move, but its kind of a constitutional amendment thing, and deeply part of the American culture. I won't say it would never happen, but it would have to be a chip at a time -- kind of like how we are slowly banning cigarettes.

Anyway, you want to get serious about this, then show some pragmatism. Don't suggest anything without offsetting it with its effect.

ie. I want Healthcare for all...I will raise taxes to do it.

I want to abolish Federal Sentencing Guidelines. I recognize this will put more criminals and drug users on the streets, but I am ok with that trade-off.

January 20, 2006 at 7:06 AM  
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Blogger Richard Hoblyn said...

This is EXTRAORDINARY. I have just tried to register eparty on blogger and find that you have got here first. I have had this idea for several years now and have suggested that eparty could replace the British tri-political stranglehold and put democracy back into the House of Commons. I shall read with interest.

September 10, 2006 at 1:23 AM  

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